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Sika Deers - Origin

The origin of Sika Deer (Cervus Nippon) is debatable now. Some scientists say there are three distinct races within Sika deer: Formosan, Manchurian and Japanese deer, while others consider only the Japanese deer to be the true Sika.

Sikas were native from southern Siberia and the Japanese island of Hokkaido. They have rapidly disappeared from much of this territory because of the habitat loss. Sika deer were introduced to England in 1860 and spread to the whole continents of Europe and America. First they lived in parks and zoological gardens, later deliberate releases led to the distribution of feral Sika across woods and forests. Now Sika deer flourish only in South-East Dorset and in the New Forest (Great Britain), in Ireland, Scotland and some other European countries. In the USA, the only free ranging herd exists in Maryland.
 Sika Deers - Pictures
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Sika Deers - Classification

Kingdom: Animalia;
Phylum: Chordata;
Class: Mammalia;
Order: Artiodactyla;
Family: Cervidae;
Subfamily: Cervinae;
Genus: Cervus;
Species: Cervus Nippon.

Sika Deers - Habitat

Sika deer are extremely adaptable forest animals, adjusting to graze, mast, forbs and browse. They may feed on agricultural crops, tender vegetation or acorns. Sika deer live mostly in hilly mountainous regions or marshy swamps. In Japan they live in temple regions, where people feed them. Since Sika deer are introduced into other countries, they live in a semi-tamed state of domestication in parks and on farms.

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Sika Deer
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Sika Deer
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